Gabriela Iglesias RIBA

Gabriela L. Iglesias ARCH. RIBA, UNR, CPAU.


Gabriela L. Iglesias, the founder and Managing Director of the company was born and educated in Argentina and her architectural degree is recognized in the UK, Portugal, and South America. This enables her offices to practice independently in the UK and the Iberian Peninsula  an S American Countries.

Gabriela Iglesias moved to the ~UK in 1969 where she worked for several major international architectural firms over a number years before starting her own practice in 1984.



OMA UY is a company founded in July 2020 to expand the scope and experience of GIAD UK and GIAD Portugal, 40 years of hotel and top residential projects all over the world.

OMA is a company with capacity of performing in any country.

The creation of this company aims to continue with the work of GIAD but also to expand into other fields in South America.

Gabriela Iglesias has in 1984 GIADUK and now has amalgamated this company with the new one “OMA”.

This Uruguay based company is currently designing “fast build” family houses.

Using innovacion married with efficient design, an eco-friendly ethos applies available technology to increase efficiency in building costs and running costs.